Creating values – creating sustainable connections

A future worth living – for the environment and society alike
We accept responsibility – because, after all, the best connections set trends
Let's connect.


There aren’t many industries that could do without electronics and electrical connectivity nowadays. Be it in automobile manufacturing, electricity production or water management – there are always new challenges to be overcome. And that’s precisely what we’ve been sustainably doing every day for decades by delivering powerful products and customised solutions.


We are proud of the fact that we’ve had a decisive impact on the industry with both our knowledge and our expertise. Now, we are delighted that we’re making key contributions for the present and the future alike, setting more standards and giving guidance. With exciting technologies and the promise of staying the way we’re valued: as a family-run company and partner familiar with, understanding of and competently and cooperatively supportive of its customers and their applications. Global, flexible and customer-centred. And it’s precisely this commitment that counts for us in a world full of connections.


We work in a sustainable way, so that we can pass the company and the environment on to the next generation in a successful and healthy condition. Integrated and value-oriented sustainability management is firmly rooted in our company.

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  • Ensure financial stability
  • Sustainable growth in our markets
  • The Company's long term independence


  • Protecting resources and the climate
  • Developing efficient solutions for customers
  • Energy efficiency
Society/ Employees

Society/ Employees

  • Training
  • Fostering the next generation
  • Social engagement in our locations

We are delighted that we can present on the following pages a multitude of examples which demonstrate the various areas that Weidmüller works sustainably in. Discover connections – and be inspired by them. Let’s connect.



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